​​Tax Representation

Whether you are an individual or a large business organization, receiving an audit letter from the Internal Revenue Service or state taxing authority can be intimidating.  Should you receive one of these letters, our office can assist by representing you.  As your representative we will keep you up to date with the status of the audit, respond to all requests for information on your behalf, and try to minimize how long the audit last so you can move past the audit process.


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Our office understands that individual and business taxation can be complex and often difficult to understand.  We take the guess work out of tax and explain your taxes in every day terms, rather than technical.  Our office stays up to date with current tax laws to enable us to serve you better during tax time.   

Tax Preparation

Our office does not just prepare your tax return but takes the time to understand your individual tax situation.  By getting to know our clients we can customize our tax preparation techniques to your needs and potentially reduce your tax burden.  We will work with you to determine and prepare your tax filing obligations for both federal and state.