Tax Planning and Projection

Throughout each year, there are always tax law changes that will affect your tax return.  Our job as your CPA, is to stay on top of those changes and help you plan for how those changes affect you.  We can also help you plan for potential tax implications and savings in areas like energy efficiency and other tax credits, real estate transactions, stock transactions, employee bonuses, investment income, gambling winnings, and many other tax areas that affect your tax liability.

For businesses this planning can include asset purchases, business expansion, new employee benefit programs, equipment leases, or industry specific tax credits.

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Whether you are an individual or a business, the goal of tax planning is to legally reduce your tax burden, and plan for future tax events.  Our office can help you navigate complex tax laws to achieve your tax goals.

Financial Advising

Financial planning is an important step for clients to take because it can help them plan for future events, including home purchases, investments or retirement.  Our office has partnered with The Capstone Planning Group (an independent broker and division of Cornerstone Bank) to assist clients with these types of services.  Our partnership allows for seamless integration as their office would provide financial advisory/investment services with our office handling the tax and accounting of your financial decisions.  Should you be interested in these services, you may either contact us or call them direct at (508) 764-0046.